RX7 | RX8 | ROTARY Performance

Street & Racing Service

We offer resources for you to service, tune and maintain your Mazda RX2, RX3, RX4, RX7, RX8 with OEM, aftermarket or custom components to ensure the performance of your Mazda.

Street & Racing Engines

We are National Record holders for rotary engine performance. We offer complete replacement engines, engine rebuilds and custom performance components, modifications and improvements.

Street & Racing Upgrades

We have the experience to improve the performance of your Mazda rotary with improved suspension, turbochargers, brakes, cooling systems and other modifications to upgrade performance.


  • Goals
  • Concepts
  • Build
  • Tune
Every driver has different needs and expectations of how they want their car to perform.
Some may want their car stock, others want to race in SCCA.
Let our experience help you find the right combination of services, parts and enhancements to deliver - your dream car.
Gools and Budgets define the project concepts and specific solutions.
Our knowledge of products and enhancements will help you extract the most performance - for the least amount of money.
We offer industry leading engines, enhancements and components that can make your car deliver the highest performance.
Our experience in building record holding race cars under scores the need to properly setup and tune the components in the car to achieve a properly setup and balanced car.
We tune, then test, analyze and road test our cars to ensure they deliver our company's promise: Defined Autoworks.
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