We have the knowledge and experience to design and fabricate a chassis to your needs and specification. We can assist you in developing the chassis or you can bring us the plans.

  • Full Construction
  • Custom Design Available
  • Fabrication from Blueprint


Have a specific project or need in mind? We can build it for you. We're able to do custom projects for our customers that may not be as elaborate or involved as a racing chassis, but often they are critical in installing a custom radiator, exhaust or other performance components. Perhaps you've got a stress fracture of a weld. Bring it in - let's see what we can do to get you back on the road.

  • Engine Mounts
  • Cooling System Mounts
  • Reinforcements
  • Mounting Tabs
  • Custom Repair


We offer a full range of services for racing a RX7. From chassis design, cooling systems, roll cages and reinforcements for seating and engine mounts, we can do it all. We race what we build - so we know first hand what works and what doesn't. Let us assist you in getting your RX7 to deliver the highest performance in safety and ready to compete on the racetrack.

  • Drag Racing
  • SCCA
  • Full Enclosure
  • Chassis Reinforcement
  • Seat Reinforcement
  • Fuel Cell Reinforcement | Protection

Roll Cage

Roll cages are not as easy as they look. They take a terrific amount of thought and consideration when designing and building. Afterall, the goal couldn't be higher - keeping you safe. We have a decade of experience in building racing roll cages and our work shows it. From the design and specification, to the materials we use and how we weld. We analyze the car and the type of racing, and fabricate a solution that will be successful when called upon.

  • Custom Design
  • From Blueprint
  • Modifying Existing Roll Cage
  • Drag Racing
  • SCCA
  • Full Enclosure

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