RX-7 Custom Exhaust Fabrication

Application Mazda - All
Engines N/A and Turbo
Description Part - Requires Installation
Price $350 and up
Shipping Will Ship Worldwide

Custom Exhaust Fabrication

Need a custom exhaust for your vehicle? DEFINED AUTOWORKS has designed and built many specialized exhaust systems for all types and applications.

Need a specific exhaust part you need made - just call us and we can custom build the part and ship it to you. Here are a few examples of work.

Note the quality of welds, especially on a tough weld like a "Y" joint. Note how clean we are on welding the hanger bracket to the muffler.

We're not bragging. We just hate weld spatter on a brand new muffler or sloppy weld seams on a brand new exhaust pipe. To us it's unacceptable. The under side of this Mazda Gen 2 may be rusty, but that doesn't mean we lower our craftsmanship.

We're craftsman and take pride in our exhaust design, bending and welding work no matter what.

Questions? Drop us a line or give us a call - 614-592-7991 - Hours: 9-5 EST.