20B Conversion Base Kit for FD3S Third Gen RX-7

Application Mazda 20B motor
Engines N/A and Turbo
Description Part - Requires Installation
Price $1,670 complete
Shipping Will Ship Worldwide

20B Conversion Base Kit for FD3S Third Gen RX-7

DEFINED AUTOWORKSs still remains the one and only to produce a 20B conversion kit that keeps the stock subframe!

Unlike everyone else, the steering rack is un-moved resulting in perfect handling the way Mazda intended it. No bump steer corrections, sway bar relocations, or danger of weak welds on a modified subframe. Safer, legal in all forms of racing, and better in every way.

Our kit makes the 20B bolt into the FD chassis. Stock Hood fits perfect, no triming needed. We do require three parts to be sent in for modification - Stock 20B oil pan, the RX-7 Power steering bracket, and the RX-7 steering rack. Dont worry, only a pressure fitting is moved on the steering rack.

This base version deletes Air conditioning, but keeps power steering. If you want to keep both A/C and P/S, look at our Deluxe 20B conversion kit!
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