From factory scheduled maintenance and adjustments to maintenance based on your schedule - we perform it to meet or exceed factory specifications. High performance automobiles like the Mazda RX7 benefit from regular maintenance.

You will be surprised how small adjustments can make noticeable differences in how the car brakes, handles and accelerates.

Maintenance is how you keep your RX7 performing like the track star it truly is.


We believe the brakes are the most important component on automobile - especially a very fast one. Brakes with incredible stopping power, response and pedal feedback will deliver a confidence and sureness in your driving style. Regular maintenance and attention ensures your brakes deliver what they are capable of - high performance.

  • Brake Hoses and Connections
  • Brake Fluids
  • Brake Pedal linkage
  • Parking Brake linkage
  • Pedal Feedback
  • Power Brake Unit | Hoses and Couplings
  • Brake Calipers | Runners
  • Brake Pads | Wear
  • Brake Rotors | Wear Pattern | Runout


Chassis inspection and maintenance is performed to ensure that individual components are within factory specifications and tolerances. We inspect all facets of the chassis: electrical, suspension, transmission and safety.

  • Cooling System Pressure Check
  • Drive Belts | Wear | Tension
  • Exhaust System Heat Shields
  • Front Wheel Bearings
  • Front Suspension Ball Joints
  • Guides and Tie Rod Ends
  • Rack Seal Boots
  • Manual Transmission Fluid Level
  • Rear Axle Oil
  • Rack Seal Boots
  • Power Steering Fluid | Lines | Couplings
  • Seat Belt | Buckles | Retractors | Anchors
  • Drive Shaft Dust Boot
  • Steering Linkages | Rack
  • Tire Rotation
  • Transmission Oil Changes
  • Turbo Boost Check
  • Universal Joint | Coupling


High performance RX7 needs to be properly maintained. We offer mileage interval maintenance or on as needed basis.

  • Filters | Air | Oil | Fuel
  • Clutch Adjustment
  • Cooling System Pressure Check
  • Cooling Fluid Level
  • Drive Belts
  • Engine Oil Level | Purity
  • Idle Speed
  • Oil Changes
  • Spark Plugs | Wires
  • Suspension Camber Check
  • Transmission Oil Changes
  • Turbo Boost Check

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